A major barrier to the uptake of MOFs has been the inability to manufacture these materials on an industrial scale in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way. Current manufacturing techniques are energy intensive and require large quantities of solvents. Many of these solvents are toxic and their production is energy-intensive and creates huge volumes of waste. Their manufacture, storage, use and disposal are a matter of great environmental concern. Many of the highly-promising cleantech applications for MOFs are hard to justify in terms of environmental benefit if the process for producing MOFs is itself unsustainable.

MOF Technologies has developed a novel technique for the synthesis of MOFs, which is environmentally friendly, rapid and highly scalable, allowing cost-effective deployment of these revolutionary materials on a large scale. Our patented technology for the first time allows the synthesis of MOFs using very little or no solvents and on greatly reduced timescales, by making use of “mechanochemistry”. The MOF material is produced in a matter of minutes, in a powder form ready for applications, without further treatment.